Dating ford emblems

This coat of arms has been the national coat of arms of Andorra since 1969.Below the shield arms stands Andorra's national motto Virtus Unita Fortior (Latin for United virtue is stronger).The coat of arms also appears on the flag of Andorra.

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Between 1934 and the German annexation in 1938 Austria used a different coat of arms, which consisted of a double-headed eagle.

The establishment of the Second Republic in 1945 saw the return of the original (First Republic) arms, with broken chains added to symbolise Austria's liberation.

Read more » The coat of arms of Botswana was adopted on January 25, 1966. The shape of the shield is that of traditional shields found in East Africa.

On the top portion of the shield are three cogwheels that represent industry.

Read more » The Cuban Coat of Arms is the official heraldic symbol of Cuba.

It consists of a shield, in front of a Fasces crowned by the Phrygian Cap, all supported by an oak branch on one side and a laurel wreath on the other.An emblem crystallizes in concrete, visual terms some abstraction: a deity, a tribe or nation, or a virtue or vice.Niesky (-German, Sorbian/Polish: Niska) is a small town in Upper Lusatia in eastern the Free State of Saxony, Germany.Read more » The coat of arms of Colombia contains a shield with numerous symbols.Perched on top of the shield is an Andean Condor holding an olive crown and the condor symbolizing freedom.The first mention of it in a public document dates to March 12 of that same year, in which it is stated that the seal had to be used by the executive power, that is, the second triumvirate.

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