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When you think you’re ready, the children are probably ready a year from that.Someone can be serious about you, but they may not be ready to introduce you to their kids.

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Joy Daily takes a deep look into the world of Skin Bleaching in Jamaica.

This highly anticipated documentary is raw and uncut.

Joy Daily TV presents Sanaa Lathan and the entire cast of Fox’s new film “Shots Fired’ discuss how the ‘Black Lives Matter” movement is reflected in to the content of this racially charged film.

Here the cast goes into all the details of the first episodes and how current social issues were used to inspire the [...] Join Joy Daily TV as we travel to the beautiful Jamaica to uncover a strange growing trend sweeping the island.

Some Bleachers keep the recipe for their “Rubbings” Top Secret so in this clip you will see all of this Bleachers secret concoction [...] In Part 3 of Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica, Thisis50′s Jack Thriller tells us what Americans think about skin Bleaching and we also discuss some famous Americans who are believed to Bleach their skin.

Watch ‘Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica’ Full documentary exclusively on and subscribe to our Youtube for more Original [...] In Part 2 of Cake Soap….

Skin Bleaching in Jamaica we discuss Jamaican Bleachers obsession with Vybz Kartel’s Michael Jackson Syndrome.

They want to ‘Bleach out white like Michael Jackson’ and is Vybz Kartel the ring leader?

Don’t date someone who isn’t providing financially for his children yet wines and dines you every night. Is there an unspoken agreement between the co-parents—don’t bother me about seeing your child, and I won’t bother you about paying child support?

You must decide if you want to date someone who makes that kind of trade off. That’s not who the baby’s mother is—that’s who he is.

Even if he thinks negative those things, it’s not nessceary that he has to vocalize everything all the time, especially if his children are in earshot.


  1. Not everyone working at a military base is member of the armed services.

  2. There’s a new man in Jessica Gomes’ life and he’s also a hot Aussie expat. They walked in a pretty affectionate way as well, with their arms around each other.

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