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By that time, she was a nervous wreck even though she tried to hide it.

I think washing all those stinky kids and clothes had made her lose her appetite.

Grandmother Peal later told us that her evening meditations that night took longer than usual.

So he tied her to a tree and started laying out dry kindling to build a fire to sacrifice her to the gods.

Luckily, Grandmother heard about his plan after the prisoner had unwillingly returned the loot.

There would be vegetables to pick, corn to be shucked, laundry to be washed, and a baby to bathe. I was beside myself with excitement because I could play on the farm with my cousins and eat fresh corn on the cob from Aunt Dee’s garden. But when we finally arrived at the farm, my grandmother didn’t even have a chance to look relieved that help had arrived. Even though we felt guilty, we were glad that we’d been left out of whatever was going on outdoors. Somebody pull the hose up close and somebody getcherself over here and give me yer ankles. He volunteered to be lowered headfirst through the hole in the outhouse. Grandmother grabbed Hubert’s ankles, and three kids hung onto her long skirt to anchor the whole lot.

My cousins slammed the screen door open, yelling, “Help! The rest of you, grab holda my skirt and don’t let go! We could hear him yell from down below, “I’ve got ’im!

A dog named Spike would show all of us just how far Josie would go to help her children.

Keeping track of all the grandkids and their mischief was not easy.

When things had calmed down, she invited us for supper. I need to get back and help the girls with Bob and Patty.” I really wanted to stay since they were having all the freshly-picked corn on the cob they could eat.

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