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All Autobahnen are named by using the capital letter A, followed by a blank and a number (for example A 8).

Where no local speed limit is posted, the advisory limit (Richtgeschwindigkeit) is 130 km/h.

The Autobahn network has a total length of about 12,845 kilometres (7,982 mi) in 2012, which ranks it among the most dense and longest systems in the world.

Only federally built controlled-access highways meeting certain construction standards including at least two lanes per direction are called "Bundesautobahn".

They have their own, blue-coloured signs and their own numbering system.

With that, numerous construction projects have been put on hold in the west, and a vigorous reconstruction has been going on for almost 20 years.

However, ever since the European Union formed, an overall streamlining and change of route plans have occurred as faster and more direct links to former Soviet bloc countries now exist and are in the works, with intense co-operation among European countries.German autobahns are still toll-free for light vehicles, but on 1 January 2005, a blanket mandatory toll on heavy trucks was introduced.The national roads in Germany are called Bundesstraßen (federal roads).Germany possesses one of the most dense road systems of the world.German motorways have no blanket speed limit for light vehicles.Intercity bus service within Germany fell out of favour as post-war prosperity increased, and became almost extinct when legislation was introduced in the 1980s to protect the national railway.


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