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The uniforms were custom made for each Bunny at the club they worked in.Whenever the club was open there was a full-time seamstress on duty.

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Most dating or mingling with customers was forbidden.

Customers were also not allowed to touch the Bunnies, and demerits were given if a Bunny's appearance was not properly organized.

The Bunny's Tavern usage of the outfit is considered a variant of Showgirl.

The costume itself was conceived by Playboy's director of promotions, Victor Lownes, with a prototype created by a seamstress whose daughter, Ilsa Taurins, was dating Lownes.

Then they underwent thorough and strict training before officially becoming a Bunny.

Bunnies were required to be able to identify 143 brands of liquor and know how to garnish 20 cocktail variations.

The Bunny Mother was in charge of scheduling work shifts, hiring, firing and training.

The Club Manager had only two responsibilities for the Bunnies – floor service and weigh in.

In 1961, French seamstress Renee Blot modified the design.

Originally the ears were taller and the ensemble lacked the trademark bow tie, collar, and cuffs.

In the 1970s, Lownes used his country mansion, Stocks House in Hertfordshire, England, as a training camp for Bunnies.


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