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Certainly, not all Odessa girls are so greedy and unscrupulous.

There are diligent students who pay for their tuition by waiting tables or working as dancers in restaurants and cafes.

Crewing companies operating as middlemen between employers and employees are not only charging hefty fees for their services, but will also keep your first month salary, if you are lucky enough to score a position on a ship. They promise comfortable working conditions but in reality are sending sailors to work on aged vessels, where they may have no time for lunch or a decent place to have a rest between the shifts.

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You can see on the Promenade romantic young ladies with books in their hands, or active girls rushing through streets on roller blades or bicycles.

Many young people pursue creative hobbies, study acting and drama, and perform in student performances, often offering more exciting and brilliant shows than official repertoires of accredited theatres.

Ukrainian women who can speak good English are offered positions of translators in PPL firms, and girls who are beautiful and pretty are invited to list themselves as brides for foreign men.

The scheme works like this: a cute young girl lists herself as seeking a foreigner who wants to find a Russian or Ukrainian wife, and an English-speaking lady communicates with him in English.

The firms provide computers and other gadgets to enable smooth communication, a comfortable office, and the database of foreigners who pay the agency for the privilege to converse with gorgeous girls.

The girls tell suitors about their achievements, brag about their wonderful traits, and demonstrate their attractive looks — and then complain about their hard lives and lack of money.

Communication with men continues after the man goes home, until such times that a guy becomes very insistent about the girl joining him in his country.

Sometimes girls end the communication after getting money for the tickets to the man’s country.

Later, when the initial introduction turns into attraction or stronger feelings, the foreigner visits his bride to get to know each other better.

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