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The independence of these areas under Abdul Aziz's rule was recognised by treaty in 1927.

There are approximately 700,000 Isma'ilis in the region of Najran.

The Zaydis in the country include citizens living on the borders with Yemen as well as migrant workers from Yemen.

Ever since the establishment of this righteous state, the people of the country have enjoyed happiness, security and unity of opinion.

They have been living in harmony and fraternal cooperation, after a prolonged period of fear and division." Main languages: Arabic Main religions: Sunni, Shii, Zaydi and Isma'ili Islam.

For local IBM Authorized Warranty Service Providers: Email : [email protected] P. Box 5648 JEDDAH 21432 Saudi Arabia General inquiries Tel: 966-1-412-5352 Fax: 966-1-412-5443 E-mail: [email protected] House Establishment Saudi Arabia Tel : 966-1-141-9800 Saudi Information Technology Co.

LTD Saudi Arabia Tel : 966-1-4774555 Storage Technology Trading Saudi Arabia Tel : 966-1293 8884 LTD Saudi Arabia Tel : (966)-11-416 2222 Network Solutions Saudi Arabia Tel : 966-1-416-3997 TECHNOLOGY CO.Saudi Arabia has been hit by a number of terrorist attacks, mainly targeting foreigners and non-Muslims, since 2003.The government appears to have been able to regain control, in part through co-optation and the population's disenchantment with the terror tactics.Abdul Aziz bin Abdul-Rahman Al Saud (later also known as 'Ibn Saud'), began his campaign to reclaim the Al Saud's ancestral domains in Najd in 1902.By 1926 he had expanded his control beyond Najd into al hasa in the east and the Hejaz in the west.The 1992 Saudi Basic Law establishes the structure of government in Saudi Arabia and it proclaims a 'bill of rights' for citizens.

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