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Might not be able to pronounce my name, but at least he spelt it correctly, fada included and all!

I was surprised to find that only four out of the 47 people had not been on a tinder date previously.

Turns out Tinder dates are a lot more common than I expected.

One of the main reasons I conducted this little experiment was to encourage people interested in finding someone to give it a go and also to suggest some of the best places to meet your match for the first time.

These places were recommended to me by the experts themselves, my Tinder matches!

It also a good environment for having a good natter with someone.

Getting a boojum on a first date seems a little messy for me, guess I would be sticking to a burrito bowl that day!

There were so many more replies but I obviously couldn’t fit them all into this article, HOWEVER I did make a video going through some more of them if you would like to check that out: We are living in a new dating age where people can connect with one another just by picking up their phone.

Though this might seem like a strange or scary thing to do, it is extremely normal.

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Some people had more alternative suggestions, like Dublin Zoo or going for a coffee: Others were not so lucky with their dates, this poor guy was intimidated by his dates brothers!

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