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Stock mirror threads happen to be the same which really made the process easier. Is there any way to hook these lights up to be directional indicating as well as auxillary for my model and year bike?Install difficulty on the XG: difficult and patience oriented and completly custom. Safe riding guys.2 times the mirrors have broken at the thread! Create a profile and update it frequently to make sure it active and get more attention. upload at most 27 recent photos to help you catch the eyes of other users.

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If you are a Harley single, you have come to the right place for dating a Harley rider in your city.

You can check the following link to check the popular Harley dating site customized for Harley motorcycle riders only.

When it comes to installation, the instructions serve little use other than referring to a few sections since many riders customize the location of their turn signals lamps. No more wobbles with the old mirrors as the sturdiness makes these rock solid riding at high speeds. I have a 2007 Nightster XL1200N and I would love to put these on and remove the stock turn signals. If you do they blink fast like there is a load issue. Also, I would like to install these upside down like the stock OEM mirrors and would think this would not be a problem. all connections are solid and both front and rear turns signals still work.

These mirrors are the standard on all 2016 models and it's great to see backwards compatibility for many of the prior bikes dating 10 years. I just installed these mirrors on my 05 Sportster 1200C.

^^^^^CLICK ON PIC TO VIEW^^^^^ Beautiful addition to the bike. Not a direct install for the XG, lots of customization and wire chasing/tapping, the single lead-frame ground design was a challenge to over come but worth it. Hi Walkerkc88, There are a couple of reasons why a part may not be recommended fitment: 1) Testing could not be completed prior to printing of the catalog – Always check for the latest fitment information.

On the XG, the wires are custom ran through the bars and a hole was drilled and a grommet added for wire exit above the ignition switch. 2) Specific fitment not recommended on all models because a configuration did not meet our Harley-Davidson performance criteria. They tried to explain to me that they could only install these mirrors to be set up as directional indicators and not auxillary.Love riding and love the driver, do not hesitate to date with a single women as long as she love riding with you and are interested in connecting with your riding friends.Editor's comments: Harley Dating may not be the most suitable choice for all singles, but it should be the best dating site for Harley rider singles!Become "Certified Harley biker" by sending your bike driving license.Check active users by viewing their last log on time.For useres who search out some ideal profile and want to boost process of meeting each other, there are some quality and useful tools and features for their choice.


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