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Stan sets out to discover who scrooged Bullock's Christmas.Season: 13 Episode: 20 Total Episode Count: 210 Prod.Meanwhile, after buying a vintage handkerchief used by a renowned ladies man, Steve scores a hot date for the Harvest Dance, only to find she has used him to get past her parents to really go out with her bad-boyfriend.

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Men and women alike can take great pleasure in collecting vintage items.

Whether to actually wear or simply to keep at home in a safe place or on display to show off to friends and family, vintage items hold a special appeal that is almost inexplicable.

Old items that have remained in good condition over the years are always in high demand amongst collectors and individuals who enjoy antique shopping.

The appeal is in the memories they evoke, the beauty they recollect and the sheer joy of holding on to something that is essentially a relic of an era long past.

If you have your own vintage hankies hiding somewhere, now may be the time to pull them out and see what you can do with them.

The world of vintage apparel and accessories is AAJN20 First Aired: June 13, 2016 Featuring: Stan Smith, Roger Also Appearing: Francine, Hayley, Jeff, Klaus, Steve, Avery Bullock, Jackson, Duper, Stiles, Lorraine, Dick, Hooper, Ray, Trish, Katie, Tom, Nathan, Courtney, Georgie, Snot, Barry, Toshi, Jim & Liz, Tony, Wallace Davenport & family, Wyatt, Solomon Chantez Le Bas, Nicolas Cage Director: Joe Daniello Assistant Director: Patrick Kochakji Writers: Charles Suozzi Storyboarders: Oreste Canestrelli, Rozlynn Waltz Roger's Disguise: Max Jets from "Max Jets" Plot: During the annual "evil Santa" CIA gift exchange, Bullock becomes upset when it is revealed that someone did not bring a gift to the exchange and puts Stan in charge of discovering exactly who that person was.Following orders, Stan roughs up his co-workers until no one is left and comes to the realization that he was the one who forgot.“Plain Jane purses given fancy makeovers” is my DIY project for the Monthly Craft Destash Challenge!Every month, a group of bloggers challenges each other to create a new craft or project from their own stash of goodies. Last month I destashed beads into DIY Funky Junk Mobile Art.The below purse came from Wal-Mart…a simple straw bag. Hubby said he loves to see me with a straw bag because it reminds him of when we were dating. )The next purse is a vintage one that I’ve been trying to sell. It’s totally beaded all over, and even has a little coin purse inside, so it most likely dates from the 50’s-60’s era.

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