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Size : Shows the size of the HTML used on your site.

Compressed Size : This is the size of the HTML on your site once it has been compressed.

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Information : Page Speed is the speed at which your site responds to commands input.

It is more important and beneficial for your site to have this at a lower value.

Text Size : This is the size of the pure text on your site, after HTML has been removed.

Information : Charset : ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set).

For this, you need something that can help you to stay connected no matter where you are.

People search sites have been growing popular all over the world because people want something that can speed up the entire process.

Use: you can show this with the tag : Information : is the worlds largest website for ranking and listing websites` usage and user access.

Rank : Is your sites rank among the other sites in the world.

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