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However, no matter what technology or plausible-sounding subterfuge (e.g.; sale of credit reports or mailing lists) is used, if at any point anything passes by surface mail, the entire maneuver becomes illegal. It this letter is continued as it should be, everyone profits!

Says the USPS: Recently, high-tech chain letters have begun surfacing. Yes, and don’t worry about financing or paying money back.

First, for pyramid investments to work, the world would need an endless supply of people, each of them with money in hand and determined to participate in the process.

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Another is to go the opposite way, that is, label all monies involved as “gifts” (see section above about gifting clubs). Let Bill Nelson tell you how I have run one of these promotion letters — four times in the past year.

Yet another is to process as much of the proposition as possible via routes. The First time I received $7,000 in cash and around $7,800 the other three.

If, however, we’re willing to settle for an implied instruction to pass the item to others for their benefit, protection, or well-being, certain written communications dating to the Middle Ages could fairly be considered the first of this sort.

In them, their writers set down what they believed to be useful cures, on the understanding that such missives were to be recopied by those who received them then distributed to those people’s loved ones, who in turn would themselves recopy these wisdoms to hand to their nearest and dearest.

Then, move the list of names up one place and place your name at the bottom. MAIL YOUR LETTERS within 48 HOURS AND DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN. This type of imploration, which promises good luck even as it threatens ill fortune to rain down on the heads of those who fail to speed it on its way, tends to follow a standard outline.

When your name reaches the Number One position, it will be your turn to collect the fees. WHAT DO: make one spiky club and take to cave places below. (Not all chain letters of this ilk scrupulously adhere to this formula; certain elements may be omitted in some of the entreaties you encounter.) CASE 1: Kelly Sedey had one wish, for her boyfriend of three years, David Marsden, to propose to her. Later that night when she left to get to her car to go home, she was killed on the spot by a hit-and-run drunk driver. Willis sent this letter out within 45 minutes of reading it.

Our modern world sees chain letters of a variety of descriptions circulated by surface mail, fax machine, and in While folk cures and accompanying prayers have dropped from favor (as medical information and resources became easier to access, such intelligences became less vital), other sorts of “Send this to five of your friends! Contemporary chain letters fall into five broad categories: Money-generating (pyramid or Ponzi scheme) chain letters hold out the promise of untold riches to those gulled into participating in their circulation.

In their most common form, recipients are instructed to send a token set dollar figure (, for example) to the name at the top of the group’s roll call, strike that name and address from the list of those involved, add their own to the base of the register, recopy the amended letter, and mail it to five of their acquaintances.

For instance, suppose the money-generating you received in the mail displayed five names.

If everyone in the chain had followed instructions and mailed it to five of their friends, by the time it reached you it had already been through 3,905 pairs of hands, and that only provided the first person listed was the one who began the progression.

Three moves and you are in a position to receive one dollar from each participant. HERE LIST: 1) Urk First cave Olduvai Gorge few) Thag (not that Thag, other Thag) old dead tree by lake shaped like mammoth few) Og big rock with overhang near pig game trail Many) Zog river caves where river meet big water Urk hope not-tribe-member do what Urk say do. While Urk and his quest for spiky clubs leaves a smile on our faces, the second sort of chain letters provokes the opposite response: a worried frown.


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