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IT is a new and subdivided area which is capable to meet mixed demands of the LGBT people.

So what else can they do except helping gays know and meet each other?

Geng has researched many similar apps, he said he used to be a Jack’d user and doesn’t deny that the initial version of Blued used the former for reference. “Currently our users have reached one and a half times of that of Jack’d.” In the latest version, Blued is featured with several functions including not only geo-location, status, “like” and comments, but also a separate information feeding section. “Some people criticize on others’ seeking for sex while they are doing the same thing.” For John, it’s just a personal choice.

Geng understands that there is indeed a physical need of sex, especially for man. “Some people consider it as a moral issue; others take it as physical vent, simply as ordinary as pee.” In Geng’s view, it is one’s right and privacy to choose how to deal with sex relationship as long as it’s in on legal and moral level.

Moreover, the app is just a tool, he thinks, “we offer a social platform, but we don’t judge how people deal with their own business.” “However, we don’t want our product to be a meaningless tool; it’s lifeless boring.” As a gay himself, Geng understands more about his users’ emotional needs.

In the last summer before graduation, he finally poured his loving heart to his deskmate-a boy. Being a gay in China, John found, was hardly anything he could spoke of in real life, so he turned to the internet and downloaded Jack’d-a global gay dating app for men. ” Such apps like Jack’d and Grindr are similar in function of GPS navigation.

Open up the app, you get a “menu-like” homepage with a range of photos of men closet to you; you can choose anyone to view his profile and start a chat in three minutes, and set a dating point and meet the closet guy within twenty minutes or less.She expects 50 to 100 thousands new users out of the total 280 thousands lesbians in this area.Currently, pink economy, referring to the economy based on the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders), is rising rapidly around the world in a range of areas including tourism, nightclubs, restaurants, entertainment and so on.Grindr has an Xtra version which charges for 0.69 pounds, money made from the LGBT is called “pink pound” in UK.However, how does a dating app maintain a user when she/he gets a relationship and doesn’t need casual hookups anymore?Supported by this, the information section together with the social functions, are wished to “pursue users to stay here, share their hobbies and pour their emotions here.” In order to build a positive image, Blued created a cartoon gay couple and share their “warm love stories” to the public.


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