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Lincoln College Office is Dcated at 219 Hayden Hall at the Boston Campus. King, Director Lincoln College Northeastern University 360 Huntington Avenue Boston, M33sachusetts 02115 Telephone 437-2500 1974-1975 ACADEMIC CALENDAR Fall Quarter 1974 Classes Begin Monday, September 30, 197' FALL REGISTRATION DATES Boston - p.m.

Richardson, deceased January 23, 1974 tt President Emeritus of the University 10 Class of 1976 Class of 1977 Diana J.

Stevenson 'Member of the Board of Trustees t Frank L.

Employment opportunities are in biological, chemical, physiological, and pharmaceutical research laboratories; in clinics and hospital in relation to medical diagnosis and patient care; as w/ell as in industrial organiza-l tions concerned with the design, development, and production of the equipment} Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the Mathematics Placement Test ori the Introductory Mathematics I and II courses (10.301 and 10.302). See curricula in Programs of Instruction section, for applicable sequence, pp. 11.301 Introductory Physics I (4 cl., non-credit) A survey of physical principles and theories related to field of mechanics. 11.302 Introductory Physics II (4 cl., non-credit) Extension of principles in mechanics and introduction of concepts in heat, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.

The curriculum builds heavily on electronics theory, chemistry, and human physiology with emphasis on typical bioelectronic devices and their laboratory applications. PHYSICS Courses marked * not available in every curriculum. *11.304 General Physics I (2 cl., 2 q.h.) Survey of Newtonian mechanics; kinematics and dynamics of particle motion; projectile and circular motion; rotational motion, conservation laws of energy and momentum.

Spring Recess* (Or Make Up jj Period for Lost Snow Days) j!

the governing boards and officers of tine university THE CORPORATION Julius Abrams Charles F. 18 Equal Opportunity Policy Northeastern University is committed to a policy of providing equal opportunity or all. No Classes No Classes Monday-Friday, March 24-28 Tuesday and Thursday, March 25 and 27 Monday-Thursday, March 24-27 Monday-Thursday, March 24-27 Monday and Tuesday, March 24 and 25 Monday and Wednesday, March 24 and 26 Monday and Tuesday, March 24 and 25 Monday and Tuesday, March 24 and 25 Monday-Thursday, March 24-27 Monday, March 31- Saturday, April 5 Monday, April 7 Monday, April 21 Monday, May 26 Tuesday, June 17— Monday, June 23 Sunday, June 22 Summer Quarter 1975 Classes Begin Monday, June 30, 1975 ^REGISTRATION FOR ENTIRE SUMMER QUARTER Boston - p.m. Classes Begin Monday-Friday, June 16-20 Tuesday, June 17 Registration for Second Six Week Term Boston Burlington ndependence Day Observed Day Observed ■inal Examination Period for Summer Quarter - p.m. No Classes No Classes Monday, June 30 Monday and Tuesday, August 4 and 5 Monday, August 4 Thursday, July 4 Monday, September 1 Monday, September 15— Thursday, Sept. 6 Semiconductor Physics and Devices 4 Electronics I, II 8 Gross Anatomy and General Physiology I, II, III 6 Fourth Year Bioelectronic Devices I, II, III Bioelectronic Lab. ,0.362 Modern Algebra II (2 cl., 2 q.h.) 'ield of complex number; groups; subgroups; polynominal rings; homomor- ihisms; isomorphisms; ideals. Hli 8 4 12 Third Year Circuit Theory IV, Electrical Measurements and Electronic Lab. 10.363 Modern Algebra III (2 cl., 2 q.h.) 'ector spaces; linear transformations; dependence, independence; dimension pplications to engineering, science, and business. Look at algebraic theory of linear systems, 'rereq. 0.391 Mathematics — A (3 cl., 3 q.h.) lethods and applications of algebra; graphical techniques. (No credit to students who have passed 10.327, r 10.328, or 10.335). Calculus of inverse trigonometric functions; lechniques of integration; polar coordinates; the conic sections; vectors in a


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