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Some of the Linux distributions that handle these package managements are: RPM - Red Hat Enterprise/Fedora/Cent OS/Open SUSE/Mandriva, etc. Although RPM was originally used by Red Hat, this package management is handled by different types of package management tools specific to each Linux distribution.While Open SUSE uses the “zypp” package management utility, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (REL), Fedora and Cent OS use “yum”, and Mandriva and Mageia use “urpmi”.

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It is highly recommended that you reboot the system." Thanks to ‘Stranger’ in the comments for suggesting this and that I create a file to use for which should speed things up, just be careful as this will overwrite any other custom changes you have in your /etc/apt/file.

As shown it’s quite a simple process to upgrade from Debian 7 Wheezy to Debian 8 Jessie.

This type of modification is best done by a fresh installation, after acquiring the improved version of the operating system.

Package management is one of the most distinctive features distinguishing major Linux distributions.

Major projects offer a graphical user interface where users can select a package and install it with a mouse click.

These programs are front-ends to the low-level utilities to manage the tasks associated with installing packages on a Linux system.

Therefore, if you are an Open SUSE user, you will use the following commands: For updating your package list: zypper refresh For upgrading your system: zypper update For installing new software/etc/yum.repos.d/) You may be a Mandriva or Mageia user, in which case, the commands you will use will be: For updating your package list: urpmi update -a For upgrading your system: urpmi --auto-select For installing new software Debian Package Manager was introduced by Debian and later adopted by all derivatives of Debian - Ubuntu, Mint, Knoppix, etc.

This is a relatively simple and standardized set of tools, working across all the Debian derivatives.

In the incremental updates, components of the operating system undergo minor modifications.

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