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You should also download and read the Complete Owners Manual, which has quite a bit more information in it, than the leaflet shipped with the tool.

Other useful resources and utilities you should download and read or setup, are the DS Downloader Instructions, the DS Downloader Installer program for interfacing with the tool, the Revision Update Instructions and Predator Tool Updates or crom firmware files.

If you plan to use the powerful Data Logging functions of the Predator, you will want the Data Viewer program as well.

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* Last revision date 6-1-08You should have your LX vehicle fueled with a minimum of 91 Octane fuel before installing any tune, unless following an advanced feature discussed later on running 89 Octane.

Failure to run 91 Octane and installing a tune anyway can cause a lot of Knock/Pinging, which is rough on the motor, and it will result in reduced power.

Lets keep this discussion on subject and with the mind to offer the community a helpful resource! * 3.5 V6 & 6.1L Hemi: Most of this info also applies directly to the 6.1L Hemi, but clearly such features as MDS (Multiple Displacement System) Disable will be absent from your menus.

* Thank You to: Christy, John, Mike, Johan, of DS & Bob of SVS Motorsport.

This article is intended to assist owners at all levels of comfort with tweaking the 5.7/6.1 Hemi PCM (Powertrain Control Module).

Some information may seem quite simple to the more advanced.

It features the standard OBDII plug to connect to your car, a large easy to read screen, and several buttons.

There are Arrow buttons for each direction to help select and adjust items, the center Enter button for choosing items, and the upper left Escape button for backing up one menu level in case you find yourself in the wrong area or not wanting to change a selection.

When examining menu items, if a menu item appears to be cut off at the right side of the screen, select the item and press the Right Arrow button; the title will begin to scroll back and forth so you can read it.

Items in the tool appear Selected or Modified by highlighting or having an Asterisk * mark in front of them, so you can always tell where your changes are and which selections you have made.

Look on the back of your Predator for a small sticker with your serial number, and go to this page to register:

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