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GP surgeries hit in the attack say their phones are down and patients should avoid calling unless 'absolutely necessary' and doctors are back to using pen and paper in some areas.

Explaining the fallout one doctor said in a message shared on Twitter: 'So our hospital is down.

It is not clear how many computers were affected but if all of the NHS's 1.4 million employees were affected, the health service would have to hand over £326million.

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Some hospitals cannot carry out emergency MRI and CT scans and have turned off all their IT systems, reverting to using pen and paper as hundreds of non-urgent operations have been delayed.

Messages popped up on computers this afternoon which said 'oops, your files have been encrypted' and demanded a ransom of £230 to regain access to the PC otherwise the files would be wiped forever.

But, although all Bitcoin transactions are public, it cannot be see who made the payments.'Non urgent' appointments and operations have been postponed across the country and some hospitals have diverted ambulances to neighbouring ones to ensure patient safety.

Patrick Ward, 47, had travelled with his family from his home in Steeple, Dorset, to St Bartholomew’s Hospital in Central London for open heart surgery.

The NHS has been hit by an 'unprecedented' hack that has shut down computers and cut off phone lines in a cyber attack that could 'endanger lives', doctors said today.

Hackers have taken control of computers in at least 40 NHS Trusts across the country meaning doctors cannot access patients' files which are stored online.

Hours after news of the cyber attacks broke, a Microsoft spokesman revealed that customers who were running the company's free antivirus software and who had enabled Windows updates were 'protected' from the attack.

It raises questions about why NHS computers using the operating system were not shielded from the ransomware.

Bosses paid £13,140 to get their computer systems back in accordance with general FBI advice to pay up.


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