Dish tv epg updating service list

It was initially inspired and supported by forum members at Geekzone where the enthusiasm shown got the project started.There are some individuals who need special mention though having provided outstanding support to the developers.The 'Q' key can be used to abandon a collection at any time unless the option has been set in the parameter file that indicates the collection is being run from a Windows service.

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It can retrieve and process the following EPG formats EIT MHEG5 Open TV Media Highway1 and 2 Free Sat ATSC PSIP Bell TV (44 hour and 9 day extended formats) Dish Network (44 hour and 9 day extended formats) Sieh Fern Info It can receive data from the following types of tuner.

A Microsoft BDA compatible driver must be installed DVB terrestrial DVB satellite DVB cable ATSC Clear QAM ISDB-S and ISDB-T It also has facilities for Di SEq C switching including custom commands.

2.3 The DVBLink plugin ====================== 2.3.1 Installing the plugin =========================== Additional steps are needed in addition to installing the package to transfer the plugin module to the location required by TVSource. The plugin module will be transferred to the selected directory. Repeat for any other TVSource EPG directories if there is more than one source defined in TVSource. Note: If the plugin parameters have not been set up to pass the data directly to TVSource then, at the end of the collection process, TVSource will report that no data has been collected. Step 19 describes the settings if the data collected is passed directly to TVSource.

EPG Centre is used to transfer the plugin module to the correct location and it is necessary to have Administrator privileges to do this because the TVSource EPG directory is in the Windows programs directory structure. If additional sources are added to TVSource at a later time repeat this process for the newly created EPG directory. Ensure the Status column is ticked to make the plugin active. The EPG Collector log must be checked to determine if the collection succeeded. If the plugin parameters specify that the data collected is to be imported directly to Windows Media Center the EPG Source field should be set to 'None'.

- DVBLogic plugin for seamless collection of data from within TVSource. The various locations are as follows: Administrator Windows XP C:\Documents and Setting\All Users\Application Data\Geekzone\EPG Collector Vista/W7 C:\Program Data\Geekzone\EPG Collector User Windows XP C:\Documents and Setting\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Geekzone\EPG Collector Vista/W7 C:\Users\%user%\App Data\Local\Geekzone\EPG Collector Note that parts of these paths are normally hidden.

EPG Centre will list the location of the directories it uses in the log on loading. 1.3 Acknowledgements ==================== This project was not possible without the help and encouragement of many people.

A task is created that runs the command file at the specified time on a regular basis. The data on this tab shows where the EPG data for each channel is to come from.

Whichever method is used to run collections it is advisable to check the collection log on a regular basis to ensure collections are working correctly. Click the Scan button to test the plugin for all the transponders that have been selected. Automatic EPG source assignment can be used to do this for all channels in the list at once or they can be assigned individually. To assign individual channels select the channel in the left hand list and then double click on the relevant entry in the right hand list.

EPG Collector Version 4.1 ========================= Contents ======== 1 Introduction 1.1 Overview 1.2 Application data directory 1.3 Acknowledgements 2 Getting started 2.1 Installing the software 2.2 Standalone collections 2.2.1 Creating standalone collection parameters 2.2.2 Running standalone collections 2.3 The DVBLink plugin 2.3.1 Installing the plugin 2.3.2 Creating plugin collection parameters 2.3.3 Using the plugin 2.3.4 Comparison of output methods 2.3.5 Log files 3 Using EPG Centre 3.1 Creating and changing collection parameters 3.2 Maintaining programme categories 3.2.1 Standard categories 3.2.2 Custom categories 3.2.3 Location of files 3.3 Running a collection 3.4 Searching for EPG data 3.5 Dumping a transport stream 3.6 Analyzing a transport stream 3.7 Other functions 4 The EPG collection process 4.1 Exit codes 4.2 The collection log 4.3 Metadata lookup 5 Using the data 5.1 Using the XMLTV file 5.2 Importing to Windows Media Center 5.2.1 Overview 5.2.2 Configuring Windows Media Center 5.3 Importing to DVBViewer or the Recording Service Appendix 1 Collection parameters Appendix 2 Issues with tuners Appendix 3 Windows Media Center programme categories Appendix 4 DVBLogic programme categories Appendix 5 DVBViewer programme categories Appendix 6 Installation directory structure ======================================================== 1.

Introduction =============== 1.1 Overview ============ EPG Collector is a Windows package for collecting DVB or ATSC EPG data.

By default the parameters are saved to the application data directory but can be saved to any location for which the user has write access. The Stop button can be used at any time to abandon the collection.


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