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The first step to gaining control of your IT inventory is establishing an up-to-date list of your hardware and software assets.

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The API includes methods for the following requests: See the API documentation for examples.

Included with Software Licensing is a complete renewal system to allow customers to renew their license keys when they are nearing expiration.

Upgrade paths can be configured to allow customers to upgrade between license levels of a single product or even to entirely different products.

With the complete API for providing automatic updates for Word Press plugins and themes to valid license key holders, this add-on will not only make your life as a distributor of products easier, but it will also thrill your customers by allowing them to update their themes and plugins to the latest version with a single click.

Track hardware details, such as purchase date, usage, warranty expiration date, and location.

This actionable data helps you decide if you should replace old or faulty hardware, and more.Software Licensing has been built specifically with Word Press theme and plugin developers in mind, but can be used for any kind of software licensing through the included API.Included with the add-on are complete samples that illustrate how to implement license activation and checking in your theme or plugin, and how to setup automatic upgrades for your theme or plugin that are delivered through the licensing system.Manage vendor contracts and familiarize yourself with contracts, purchase orders, and expiration details.Having this information in your asset management system makes it easy to know when to extend or renew a contract with your vendor or hardware/software provider.The renewal system is also fully integrated with our Recurring Payments plugin, allowing you to set up automatic renewals with recurring subscriptions.

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