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Includes several excellent photographic illustrations of related artifacts and archaeological sites.

It is not known, for example, how she persuaded Egypt’s elites to accept her as pharaoh.

But one man, Senenmut, may have played a large role – and he is widely believed to have been her lover.

Senenmut was the architect for many of Hatshepsut’s building projects.

Hatshepsut also shared a relationship with Thutmose II, but his death makes the specifics mysterious. Thutmose II: Article about the reign and person of Thutmose II, a lesser-known pharaoh.

Hatshepsut at Merritt College: Biographical sketch with a selection of artifacts depicting Hatshepsut.

Her Lovers The intimate details of Hatshepsut’s life are sometimes hard to pin down.

The time of Neferure’s death and her place of burial are not yet known, though research suggests it may have occurred between 11 and 16 AD.

Sculptures suggest Neferure may have married Thutmose III.

Senenmut: Historical Data: In-depth information on Senenmut’s life and work by Dr. Her Children Hatshepsut’s only child was Neferure, her daughter by Thutmose II. In her early life she was cared for by Senemut, who was her tutor, and other officials.

During her mother’s reign, Princess Neferure was active in the Egyptian court and held many royal titles bestowing important religious duties.

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