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This play is a 21st century horror story and its lessons should be learned by all.Sadly too late for two friends of mine who have been together for thirty years and have now been ripped apart - one physically - by addiction to keratin and dangerous sexual practises.There are also tools for instantly checking the results of an expression and managing packages, which simplify building complex programs from small units.

I think everyone felt pretty uncomfortable not because of the felching talk but just because it was a bit crap.

Saw the show last year and I think this year it was even better!

Gay or straight, you really should see this scary, timely and very honest play. A conversation between 5 gay guys, the subjects/stories sometimes dragged on for a bit too much...

subjects are: drugs, sex, sex parties, relationships, HIV and other STI/STDs.

It only takes 5-10mins and it gives you the chance to get info about safer sex, find out how to put on a condom, and ask questions which might be embarrassing to ask in front of your mates.

Clojure has a simple syntax and very few keywords to remember, making it easy and quick to learn the basics.

Clojure Bridge Edinburgh is the first event of its kind in Europe, and only the second outside the US.

It aims to introduce more women to functional programming – an area where women are particularly underrepresented.

Anti-Harassment Policy A wifi enabled laptop (Windows, OS X or Linux) and power cable.

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