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''But the fact remains that in the majority of scenarios, parents favour their younger children.''This might be because they are the baby of the family, because they are more demanding, or because they find that children simply need less attention as they get older.'' The study also found although elder children are often side-lined in preference to their younger sibling, more than half of parents polled claimed to have bonded more quickly with their first child.

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Eldest child dating youngest child

But there is a possibility of this family dynamics, and a big potential for misunderstanding. Thankfully, he also appreciates the qualities about me that my family dotes on, but it has created tension for him at times (especially with our grandmother.) So, it all depends on the individuals involved.

By the time I was 8 or so, I was regularly put in charge of my younger sisters, and even though I was really uncomfortable having to "boss" them to keep them (and the house) safe. Hi, A: Check out the support group of Co-Dependents Anonymous. My husband is number 3 of 3 and he is the dependable one. I'm number 3 of 4 and my younger brother and I are the two that help out our mom when she needs it and are the executors of the will, etc. I agree with your second sentence-I am the oldest of 4 and definitely expected to do much more than the rest.

What scares me the most is what will happen at the point where my parents are no longer able to care for themselves. It will be an interesting phase in our marriage and lives..

I just know that it will work out that they move in with me b/c nobody else will be willing to take it on. In our family my brother was the oldest and he was able to do whatever he wanted because the was "a boy". My 4 year younger sister and I did everything together but had different curfews at the same age because we were "girls". So I do not think the oldest male child in our family is the one who did much for our parents or had good intentions beside having fun for himself, but he did have lots of freedom early on. I was in complete agreement about your statements when I lived at home.

Anyways, for my mom and grandma, I'm still the one who did it first (understand "best") and they always advise her to ask me for anything (while in fact, I'm often the one asking her for tips! all the best, Susan If you were to ask my brother, it can also work the other way around.

) I don't know if I'd go so far as to call it a syndrome, because trying to contain human problems in a category with a neat label would tend to include oldest children who would not suffer from these complaints, and leave out younger children who probably would. He is 12 years younger than me and while he and I have a great relationship, he's spent a lot of time hearing about how good I am at things.This book is really good and gives you insight into birth order and how it affects a ones personality. Lisa Penney of ''Very few parents are willing to admit they have a favourite child, and even though research indicates this is the case, we certainly aren't suggesting parents love one child more than another.She does ask us to please ask for any help, so I do try to ask. My dad and his wife always call on me to help them.. They offer more than anyone else to help us, so we try to accept their help.. I now believe that each situation is different - the oldest child often takes on more because (s)he allows it, but that doesn't have to be the case. Its been my experience and observation that the middle children are always the independent and strong ones, while the oldest and youngest get away with everything.My husbands family totally gives the most help to his younger sister. When SIL got married her husband told her that MIL would NEVER be allowed to live with them.. We used to joke about it, but now that I no longer speak with MIL, since she also does not help our daughter (oldest grandchild) like she does the grandsons.. I remember reading somewhere that parents (especially mothers) will always favor/enable the weakest child(ren), whether they're first/middle/last.She has more money than you can imagine, but his mom says she has just always needed more help than us..?? This is true for my mom and from what I've seen in life, in general.


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