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I mean..there are no proofs that JB asked for her phone number.if he did.doesn't mean he likes her or wants to go out with her.......

by the way its me maimona yo guys I think this isnt quite true..

body image, lack of career options and relationship status.

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Encourage people in need to be active and feel confident, in seeking assistance and advice.

Inspire each individual to make positive and informed decisions, for the benefit of their own future.

"SHINE For Life is a nation-wide initiative directly aimed at inspiring, encouraging and empowering each unique individual to embrace, explore and strive toward, their own personal potential."Everyone was born to SHINE!

The SHINE for Life foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established with the intention of targeting and encouraging self-esteem.

Inspire, support and encourage people to embrace, explore and strive towards their own personal potential.

This program is currently being run throughout secondary schools and youth groups.

He founded a non-profit environmental group called The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization. He co-wrote his three popular books with his brother-in-law, Graham Spence.

He and Australian Animal Planet host Elissa Sursara both had prominent careers as conservationists.

Desserts are always delicious, especially the cowboy cookies & s'mores bars.

happened without explanation, practically overnight, yet we’re amazed it took this long.

The program illustrates the enormous role that a strong sense of self-esteem and belief in personal ability plays in everyday decision-making.

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