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Constructed from MD simulations, MSMs can elucidate the conformational dynamics of AGO at biologically relevant timescales.

In an agricultural context, however, abscission may become a major limiting factor for crop productivity.

Domestication of major crops included the selection of plants that did not naturally shed ripe fruits or seeds.

Although several dehydrogenation pathways have been proposed, the hydrogenation process is less well understood.

Oil sands process-affected water (OSPW) is generated during extraction of bitumen in the surface-mining oil sands industry in Alberta, Canada, and is acutely and chronically toxic to aquatic organisms.

Abscission consists in the detachment of entire vegetative and reproductive organs due to cell separation processes occurring at the abscission zones (AZs) at specific positions of the plant body.

From an evolutionary point of view, abscission is a highly advantageous process resulting into fruit and seed dispersal as well as the shedding of no longer useful organs.Little is known, however, about how γ-Pcdh function is regulated by other factors.Here I show that PKC phosphorylates a serine residue situated within the shared γ-Pcdh C-terminus; PKC phosphorylation disrupts the γ-Pcdhs’ inhibition of FAK.Dwere also found to reduce the interaction of virus with water as examined by differential scanning microcalorimetry, leading to a decline in the extent of water penetration into the poliovirus capsid.All these observations were found to be more profound in a combination of Dis able to exert its thermostabilization effect.Growth of a properly complex dendrite arbor is a vital step in neuronal differentiation and a prerequisite for normal neural circuit formation; likewise, overly dense or sparse dendrite arbors are a key feature of abnormal neural circuit formation and characteristic of many neurodevelopmental disorders.

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