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About me Here's all you need to know: I like my meat rare, my waffles with chocolate ice cream and my scotch neat.

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I give up my seat for old ladies, spare a buck for the homeless, but won't let a jerk cut in from the shoulder of the highway.

I studied bio in college and went into business for myself.

If I'm in love with you and you're in love with me, we both feel like the luckiest people in the world. I've been with all types and at the end of the day, only one question remains: Will I care what this woman has to say to me over dinner eight years from now? Common interests help, but respect and admiration are more important.

But I would have to give bonus points to any woman who can snowboard, who can flip her hair from side to side without messing it up, who can name three Martin Scorsese movies and who can get ready to go out in less than a half hour.

I'm financially stable and love life, so I do get out and enjoy the finer things - a Caribbean cruise, an original Miro painting, season tickets at the Met - but those things, while enjoyable, are entirely secondary to my family. A warm hug, a kiss on the cheek and the anticipation of knowing that there's a lot more in store for us in the future makes it a perfect first date. My perception of an ideal relationship I wake up before you (of course, I wake up before roosters do). I make eggs and toast and fresh squeezed orange juice because I want to. Also, you should always trust your gut and never, ever go to bed mad. It's what I do by day to keep me from selling drugs or betting on the ponies. I like watching PBS documentaries (anything by Ken Burns: The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz), but I still play poker with the same three guys for the past 18 years. It doesn't mean you should discard them if there's no love connection.

My adult children (30 and 27) are the light of my life, the source of my pride, my raison d'etre. About the one I'm looking for I want to focus on the positive because I'm a glass half-full kind of person, but the one thing I'm NOT looking for is a lonely old man to take care of and cook for. About me I'm okay on my own, but I'd rather share my life with someone special. My marriage ended six years ago, so I'm past the tough part and looking forward to meeting some new people that I probably wouldn't ever get to meet unless they were in the hospital. I enjoy my profession, but it's not the be-all and end-all. I do charity at a local homeless shelter, I jog 3 miles each morning, and I'm an avid amateur photographer. About the one I'm looking for You never cease to amaze me with your wit, your charm, your smile, your warmth, your compassion, your energy, your very being. My idea of our perfect first date For lack of a better phrase, I'm ‘old school'. I'm a gentleman and a romantic and if you don't feel you've been treated like a queen by me, then you weren't paying close enough attention. My perception of an ideal relationship Marriage would be nice, but I've been there and done that. And if you don't know this stuff by now, I'm afraid I don't have time to teach you.), fast food lover (In and Out), and, if you're lucky, a love lover (need I explain more? Guys think I'm a cool girl and I'm inclined to agree.I'm curvy and feminine and won't miss a sale at Barney's, but then again, I won my office football pool two years running. Give me a mound of clay and a wheel and I'll make you the best damn snake you ever did see.My idea of our perfect first date You, me, sparks, a kiss, a second date.My perception of an ideal relationship Yes, love is hard, but it shouldn't be that hard.And if you can't fix what's broke, it's smarter to cut your losses and get out than it is to stay for two years trying to fix it in vain.

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