Evan bourne dating cody rhodes

Louis, Missouri-based Gateway Championship Wrestling (GCW) promotion.

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Sydal and Daniels successfully defended the title against CIMA and Shingo, and former champions Austin Aries and Roderick Strong, before losing it to The Briscoe Brothers at the Fifth Year Festival: Chicago.

During their title reign, Sydal developed a cocky, heelish attitude.

formed a stable in GCW, known as Operation: Shamrock. They only teamed once, on February 25, 2005, at 3rd Anniversary: Part 2, defeating The Ring Crew Express.

In addition, Korklan and fellow stable member Billy Mc Neil formed a tag team. After the match, Vegas turned on Sydal and joined the heel stable, The Embassy.

He held it for just over a month, successfully defending it against Yoshino in Hyogo and against Austin Aries at Ring of Honor's Fifth Year Festival: Dayton.

Bourne also appeared on the Raw brand, saving Rey Mysterio from an assault by Kane.

He was pinned after Hardy performed a Twist of Fate on him.

Two days later, during a six-man tag match on ECW, he landed a dive from the ring on his right ankle, dislocating it and tearing his deltoid ligament.

The two defeated John Morrison and The Miz the following week.

At Cyber Sunday in October, WWE fans chose Bourne to face Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship.

Surgery was not necessary, but Bourne was not medically cleared to return to the ring.


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