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The law applies to all motor vehicles as defined by the Traffic Safety Act.

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When considered cured of the condition later in life he was married.

The marriage lasted for nearly 20 years but ended in divorce after a long separation.

Drivers engaged in any of the identified activities can be charged, even if their driving performance doesnt appear to be affected.

If a driver commits a moving violation while distracted, they would receive two tickets one for distracted driving and one for the moving violation.

Under the Traffic Safety Act, an emergency vehicle includes police service vehicles, fire response units, ambulances and gas disconnection units.

Drivers of emergency vehicles are able to use hand-held communication devices or other electronic devices only when acting within the scope of their employment.He finished university studies and became a professor at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in 1998.Siras suffered from fits at a young age and was advised against marriage.Next, if you're turning a phone or tablet into a dedicated surveillance device, free up some room by removing any superfluous apps.The final step: Install a program that can transmit a live video feed to the web.For information about how demerits affect GDL & Fully Licensed Drivers click here and see below.


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