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16, along with the most touching message to his new family!

When she returned to the States, Jeremy Skaller booked her for a show in Miami as the opening act for the British-Asian, R&B/pop sensation Jay Sean.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Thara started singing at 16 and began taking modeling jobs in the hopes of getting closer to the music industry.

In 2007 she released her self-titled debut album Thara, which featured the hits “Jump On” with Fat Man Scoop, and a duet she co-wrote with John Legend called “Maybe".

The two instantly clicked and their magnetic chemistry as artists led them to collaborate on the single “Murder", and travel across the globe performing the song.

Girl you murder Boy you murder But I don't know why I put up with u Cause your murder baby Your murder baby Your murder lady Your murder boy Murder murder that's what you are.

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Jay Sean and his beautiful wife Thara Natalie welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Ayva Loveen Kaur Jhooti into their lives on Dec.

The proud new dad announced her arrival and showed off a stunning collage of his daughter’s first snaps on Dec.

Thara would go on to appear in more commercials and music videos, including Jay Z’s “Excuse Me Miss” in 2003.

From there, she did a commercial for MTV 2 and met La La Vasquez, who was then a VJ for the network.

Ormai Ileana non sarebbe mai più stata la donna tranquilla che avevo sposato intrigata dai cazzi che le avevo fatto prendere.


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