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"Even before Dan and I had done our first film, we were playing together on the beach. So it's funny that we've grown up and both ended up doing films."It's very nice having my mum as my agent," he adds.And they just want you to be able to turn up every day and carry on working.

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A: Skandar’s father Randal is a conservationist (Linked In). Her sister Rachael is an actress and business owner. A: The photo below is of Freddie Highmore and Sarah Bolger on the set of , produced by Camden Film Company. This film also stars Edward Bluemel, Ella Purnell, and Jordan Stephens. Fans can get the latest news on the film’s official Facebook page and Twitter account, and on IMDb. [aka Narnia 4] A: Thanks to The Mark Gordon Company, is in development. A: Georgie Henley Portal is an online portal for all things Georgie.

Q: Do Skandar and Georgie’s families and friends use the Internet? Georgie’s father Mike is a management consultant (Linked In). Contrary to claims on their “Who’s Dated Who” profiles, Skandar and Georgie are not dating and never have. Q: What about the photo I saw online of them kissing? A: They might receive a cameo, since Q: What is Georgie Henley Portal?

on the say-so of Johnny Depp, Highmore's co-star in Finding Neverland.

"He put in a good word, yes; perhaps it came down to that in some way," says Highmore. We meet up whenever we're in the same country." If Highmore seems so unfazed by celebrity and the whole business of movie-making, it might have something to do with his heritage.

Q: When Narnia 4 is made, will Skandar and Georgie appear in it?

Show business is infamously littered with child stars gone bad."When you're 18 you can't play the kid from Finding Neverland any more," is Highmore's sensible assessment of his situation."People have different expectations when you're younger – it's less about changing yourself into a character; they want a more natural thing. A: Skandar graduated from The University of Cambridge with a BA in Middle Eastern Studies in 2014. He also has a personal Facebook account but doesn’t “friend” strangers or fans. The transition from cute little popsy to spotty teenager and beyond is rarely easy, but for the Macaulay Culkins and Lindsay Lohans of this world, their cuteness enlarged and projected on to countless multiplex screens, growing pains can lead to some equally public off-the-rails behaviour.


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  2. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy - whether he likes it or not.

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