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Due to the delays in mail delivery, it also meant that many of these students would fall behind in their lessons. In 1948, the Alice Springs RFDS base, was used to broadcast the first school lessons to outback children.Just a few years later, the School of the Air (SOA) was officially established.

The answer is Community Government schooling and the School of the Air.

School of the Air is one of the means by which children in remote communities can access schools.

The Australian SOA has also helped many other countries with similar problems to establish their own SOA.

Luckily, today's SOA students no longer have to use the old pedal-powered radios.

In fact, many schools of the air also try to organise an annual sports carnival and activity so students and their families can get together and participate in activities.

A SOA covers all the same curriculum as any other school in the state, so SOA students are not disadvantaged.

This network was powered by another great Australian innovation Alfred Traeger's pedal-powered radio.

In 1946, Miss Adelaide Miethke was the vice-president of the South Australian wing of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and a former inspector of girl's schools.

Each preschool student receives one half-hour lesson per week.

Years 17 students receive one half-hour on air lesson each day and secondary students receive at least one half-hour lesson per week for each subject in which they are enrolled.

The idea for the School of the Air was born when she noticed how outback children were all taught to use the RFDS radio service.

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