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The monthly sex soirees are held in high-end penthouse apartments in London's trendy Shoreditch neighbourhood, and, like all the best clubs, Skirt Club has strict membership criteria.She says: 'Our members are generally very glamorous, professional city women.It appeared women were there primarily to please their partners. Something more glamorous, and where women really were calling all the shots so I decided to try it with a small group of interested friends, and remove men from the equation entirely.'I have learned that most women are attracted to women, it doesn't mean that they are gay. Most of our members are married or have long-term partners, and Skirt Club is a place for them to have a wild night playing with other like-minded girls before going back to their grown-up lives.'The club celebrated its first birthday last month and from a small group of frisky friends the membership has grown to a community of several hundred well-heeled women who attend parties and events as well as chat through the club's website.

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They expect a certain level of prestige at events - drinks, design, entertainment all has to be the very best - and they also expect a certain level of women to play with.

They want to party with people like themselves so being attractive is crucial.'Isn't that terribly shallow? 'But it's no different than checking someone out in a bar or choosing a Tinder date based on a picture.

Later I did get involved in some heavy petting with one girl, then left the party by myself around 2am.'I would say most women there were straight.

Some had partners who were supportive of them going, some ladies were there without their partners knowing.

You're getting to explore your female sexuality 100 per cent without having to perform for a male watching.'There's no photography so everyone's identity is kept anonymous and I think that's very important.

It means we are more likely to take risks and explore.

Plus there's actually more to the application process, including a questionnaire and personal meeting.

We are after women with brains as well as brilliant bodies.'As head of the membership committee Geneviève will quiz potential members on their lifestyle, education and sexual leanings.

Everyone was really friendly and there was an excitement in the air, a kind of nervous tension.

People knew they were there for a good time and that it could get cheeky.'You need an icebreaker at any event and after a wonderful burlesque performance there was a guest speaker talking about the difference between orgasming and climaxing (I didn't even know there was one) and this cheeky entertainment escalated the sexual tension.

Body Tequila tends to break the ice and the women are quick to start making use of the venue as clothes start disappearing and the bedrooms and bubble bath gets busy.'Some choose to watch, some end up snogging all night in the corner, and lots end up trying all kinds of things they have never done before.


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