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Do you site on the timely or late side paying your bills? How many loans have you successfully paid off in full?Your payment history makes the biggest impact on your FICO score.

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So, is there any way to register an i Tunes App Store account without credit card? It’s not a mandate to provide your credit card information to register an App Store account. Next, scroll to the bottom of i Tunes Store homepage and select your country. Click on “None” checkbox and i Tunes will no longer need you to provide the credit card information. Click “Done” and check your registered email account. Click the link and i Tunes will prompt you to sign-in with your account name and password. Note: Please note that you can only download free i Phone applications with the account.

You can follow the step-by-step instruction to setup the account: 1. Note: If your country does not support registration of account without credit card, please try to register it on US app store. Click “App Store” to access the i Phone App Store 4. Follow the instruction to fill in the email address, password, security question and birthday. Simply fill out your name, address and phone number to continue. If you want to purchase paid apps, you’ll need to register the account with credit card.

The first thing any lender wants to know is if you’ve paid your credit accounts on time.

A longer credit history indicates that you’re an experienced borrower worth lending money to.

The 3 major credit bureaus include Equifax, Trans Union, and Equifax.

Not all credit reports will be equal as not all information is relayed to each credit bureau.The amount of credit you owe also affects your credit score in a big way.If your credit-to- debt ratio (how much you owe compared to your available credit) is low, your credit score will benefit, since it illustrates that you don’t rely too much on credit.Too many credit checks (as well as applying for/opening too many accounts) can give the impression that you’re a credit risk. There are no trial periods, catches, gimmicks or fine print, and we’ll never ask for your credit card information or bill you by surprise.Apply for new credit accounts sparingly, to limit the amount of credit checks you may incur. A free Credit Sesame account has no expiration, and gives you a full, updated view of your credit score and profile each month from one major credit bureau.Trans Union is a US based credit information provider that distributes its scores to about 500 million consumers. Your credit report is a document that lenders use to determine your credit worthiness.

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