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Reply My night at Chilis on the corner of Bell and N. We arrived at Chilis and where seated right away, not the first time we have been to Chilis, which my parents are avid fans of their 2 for deals, especial their steaks which the absolutely love.We were served right away and had our drinks in no time at all, our waiters came back a couple minutes later and took our orders and had a great attitude, extremely sweet and attentive.

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The manager was very attentive to our enjoyment of our food when he was dropping it off, he even made sure my parents cut into their steaks to make sure they were done correctly.

My dad’s was perfect, however, my mom’s was a little under cooked, the manager was very apologetic and accommodating and took her steak back to cook it a little bit longer. I had ordered the Ultimate Burger and could not believe how greasy it was, so much so that the wax paper it was served on was puddled with white liquid grease from the burger.

About 5 minutes later my parent’s salads came out and we had a great time talking and enjoying our evening.

About 10 minutes later, just a couple minutes after my parents had finished their salad the manager came out with our food, couldn’t ask for better timing.

When the waitress came back out with my mom’s steak she inquired how everything was and I informed her that the burger was pure grease and tasted horrible.

She offered to fix the situation but I really didn’t want to wait for another meal to be cooked and brought out since everyone at the table would pretty much be done with their food and I didn’t want to be eating alone.

Our waitress was excellent, the atmosphere was great. Now my husband says we can never go back to any Chillies again. they gave me a empty box ,swear to god ..5hen while my husband is carrying our daughter out so she don’t fall again he almost falls catches himself on the wall and cash register , I am just in I have never ever had such a bad dinner experience like this in my life the manager or server did not seem as concerned or apologetic as they should have been all the other guest were more than they were that s sad I live chili’s in Pittsburg great food ,but never ever again will we go back to uniontown chili’s ,it was unacceptable ,very !

Reply I was dinning at the Chilis Bar and Grill in Philadelphia Pa on Oregan Avenue in South Philadelphia my son and I sat down at pm at I got up and told the hostess who apologized but didn’t attempt to get the manager or rectify the situation I really can’t believe it and I dine with you guys at least 4-5 times a month with my kids and wife I really have mixed feelings on returning again to spend my hard earned dollar. On Wednesday night on Sept the 20th my parents treated my wife and I for dinner.

As we were leaving I asked the bus boy the manager’s name so that I my advise the corporate office how their customers are viewed and treated.

The manager came out and asked to speak to us outside where I told him his attitude was unacceptable and asked for this card, he stated we brought is waitress to tears, we were shocked as we treated the waitress with candor and respect and left her a gracious tip.

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