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During filming, I met with some of the heaviest porn users in the UK, including one 19-year-old called Calum who used porn 28 times per day who, along with other young men I met at the Hall Recovery Course, the UK's first porn rehab residential programme, thought he was addicted to porn.As well as a cheap thrill between filing online tax returns, porn is often used to block out reality, be it sporting loss or, at the extreme end of the scale, feelings of shame and even suicide that the most serious porn addicts like Calum experience.

And let's face it, they don't even force humiliation like that on residents of the Big Brother house.

Martin Daubney is a journalist and broadcaster and presented Channel 4's critically acclaimed Porn On The Brain.

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All videos are hosted by 3rd party websites and therefore we have no control over the content of these websites.An estimated 10 per cent of porn users will ultimately pay. And while 10 per cent might not seem a lot, 10 per cent of billions of users is a super-sized business that Fabian Thylmann and his ilk are getting fat on.Did you honestly think the porn barons give you freebies out of the goodness of their hearts?A mere 24 hours after their loss, Porn Hub - the world's biggest free porn website - released data to show that in the Denver area, fans experienced a 70% swing in porn use as their team staggered towards a crushing 43-8 defeat to the Seattle Seahawks.At the start of the game, porn use in Denver was 51% below national average; by the time the drubbing was complete, it was 10.8% above."Personalised porn" is the future: free porn as a gateway to paid, real-life webcam or escort services, HD quality porn, and stuff too racy even for mainstream broadcast.


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