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Please be aware that :- See further advice on If you discover that your child has been abused using this or any other app please contact Durham Police on 101 or contact the school for further advice.

Parents may be aware that the LA and the Police have been in discussion for some time regarding an initiative to help locate children of primary school age who are reported by their parents/carers as missing from home.

The procedures we have to follow have been laid down in accordance with the local authority child protection procedures.

We are fortunate to be supported by a range of external agencies which can be called upon to support the work we do in school.

Brown and Mrs Brown receive regular training on the Prevent Agenda.

All staff have an up-to-date understanding of safeguarding children issues and are able to implement the safeguarding children policy and procedure appropriately.

Please keep revisiting this section as we’ll add to it regularly.

According to The Social Age Study by uk, approximately 59% of children have already used a social network by the time they are 10. 52% of 8-16 years olds admit they ignore Facebook’s age restriction. Chad’s, we use Gooseberry Planet which has a number of Apps for schools to help children stay safe online.

In this section, you’ll find a list of school policies, actions and useful signposts that helps us as a school and you as parents, to keep our little ones safe.


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  3. Connie Dozier, who owns a bakery next door to the hospital, said an ER alone isn’t sufficient.“I really honestly feel that we need a full medical building — not just the emergency room,” Dozier said.

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