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Benjamin Netanyahu is not just any Prime Minister but one in a zone of conflict on which the UK government is supposed to have strong views. ” And of course to give a full account of what took place once it had happened.

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And of course if this had been an official visit on government time, it’s inconceivable that she would not have been obliged to do exactly that.

And that would be true even if the review of funding to the Palestinians was not “ongoing” as her department described it at the end of last year. Some of the Israeli organisations visited by Priti Patel do good work within Israel – and at least one, providing help for children with serious heart conditions, includes Palestinian patients as well as others among its clients.

Meetings of which, despite the fact that such a detailed programme must have been planned in advance, she failed to give the Foreign Office, the British Embassy or for that matter her own Prime Minister, any prior notice.

Much of the debate this has provoked – not to mention the speculation that if Theresa May was stronger she would have actually sacked the International Development Secretary – has concentrated on the gross breach of ministerial protocol involved – unprecedented in the view of the former Foreign Office Permanent Secretary Sir Peter Ricketts.

Downing Street have denied instructing Priti Patel not to publicise one of the meetings she had with an Israeli minister because it could have embarrassed Boris Johnson’s Foreign Office.

Theresa May's spokesman accepted Number 10 knew about a meeting between Ms Patel and Yuval Rotem, but said the minister's department did not put it in a list disclosing 12 meetings that took place on her summer holiday because it occurred several months later.

But the problem now is that those salaries – already cut by Abbas in his latest attempt to squeeze Hamas by causing fresh misery for Gazans – are utterly crucial to what is left of Gaza’s stricken economy.

And while DFID did recently agree – under pressure from NGOs and others – to grant £1.9m to Unicef for emergency aid on sewage and electricity in Gaza, it goes nowhere near making up the difference.

There are serious demands on the aid budget elsewhere in the region, and Patel has won some plaudits for her focus on Yemen and Syria.

Nor is there any proof so far of accusations that she was attempting to shore up her pro-Israeli credentials to attract funding for a future Tory leadership campaign.

A pity then that Priti Patel seems to have had so little time to enjoy it on her now famous “family holiday” this summer.

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