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But when a big story arc is dismissed with a handwave, it's an Aborted Arc.

If external factors end the story, it is Cut Short: see Cancellation/Author Existence Failure.

Of the women polled, 13 per cent said they only had sex with the lights off out of embarrassment at being seen naked, and one in ten would like to be more adventurous in the bedroom but stuck to familiar sexual positions because they felt ashamed about parts of their body.

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Sex In The Nation, a survey of 4,000 people, found that 29 per cent of women cited feeling that they looked fat as a reason for avoiding sex, with a further 23 per cent blaming embarrassment about their ‘wobbly bits’.

The figures for male respondents were eight per cent and 11 per cent respectively.

The scam will continue next year, but with a twist: The newest likely target will be people with college loans, who are threatened with arrest and other penalties unless a nonexistent "federal student tax" is immediately paid.

With someone’s identity stolen every two seconds, identity theft is one of the most pervasive crimes in the world.

Six per cent of respondents who are married or living with a partner were bored with their sex lives, but 19 per cent stated their libido would increase if they had more time to spend with their loved ones.

Worryingly, six per cent of women said they only have sex with their partner out of duty.Dr Hood added: ‘Libido is a mixture of physical and psychological factors – it’s different for every woman, but there are many ways to rediscover it.‘Couples need to make time to rebuild that intimacy.‘For women who are embarrassed about their wobbly bits, it can be as simple as choosing to wear a sexy camisole top rather than being naked.’The survey was commissioned by Fembido, a ‘passion pill’ made from a blend of herbal ingredients which claims to boost the female libido.If the author's comments about the ending are similarly ambiguous, it's the Shrug of God. Well I'm going to have a lot of bloody babies and they can bloody well care about me. Compare End-of-Series Awareness, No Romantic Resolution, Dead Fic (in fanfiction), Offscreen Inertia, The Resolution Will Not Be Identified, Drop the Cow and Endless Game. When the main plot is resolved but other threads aren't, that's a different trope: Left Hanging.

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