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One of the hand me downs from ISAT, it was enough for a bunch of helicopters and ground attack planes.

There were two extra hangars that were set aside for the Pyrelight multirole combat planes.

Steel Battalion has already arrived at the port, and they are already unloading their tanks and other armored vehicles onto a train to be taken to the front.

Although their tanks are older they have received numerous upgrades to help keep them relevant on the battlefield.

Octagon smiled as she noticed a pair of New Born class helicopter gunships fly over them, circling later, guarding them as birds would over their nest of their own offspring.

Octagon then gathered her Company and made their way to the Air Base.

In Azenish, they would be called Al Marinsisyah but in Common, they were just called Naval Infantry.

After all, that was what all marines were in the world in the eyes of the Azen Sishanites.I'm expecting elements from the G171, Angels, Commandos and the SCP as well as the New Azen Force and the rest of the Army to be in this.What I need all of you to do is to make sure that you are all ready and mobilized. Now let's go."At this point, Captain Octagon, an Azen born with the blood of Vanquarians and Helghans, had one thought in mind.The Field General, in her khaki shorts and short-sleeved battle dress, nodded to them when they entered her building.Many staff officers were going around with tablets and mobile smart phones while others were using papers and clipboards.Sishanite troops and their gear have been ordered to pull out of Donnerland and return to Sishai.


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