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Amber Rose — host of the annual Slutwalk, which celebrates women's rights and works to put an end to rape culture — is all about female empowerment.

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With the family controls it gets even more granular, setting hours they can play, who they can speak to etc etc.

Except no one uses them and if something were to get weird with a kid in say Minecraft the story doesn't change regardless of whether parental controls were there.

In her post, Rose shared the video of Newton talking down to Rodrigue in a condescending tone, insinuating women can't possibly be knowledgable about sports.

But rather than strictly condemn his actions, Rose acknowledged that this behavior stems from a much bigger issue.

This is why we need to continue to educate our boys....

let's not get mad at him and understand that society taught him to think this way his entire life.

Anyone who does this is clearly going to have some sort of credit card fraud happen so I would advise to stay far away from this.

This needs to get approved so the message to stay away from this scam gets out to gamers I got message too.

The last time I got this message I played along to see what they were up to.


  1. She went to try-outs and reached the finals but didn't pass.

  2. They finally got something different than a question about what they like or what they do.

  3. Per an Ofcom agreement Live Roulette became the first form of gambling to feature on terrestrial TV, with a slot on Channel 5 between 12-4am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

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