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Ms Kalenga narrated that she once fainted when her husband had weird anal sex with her since the pain was unbearable.“This man will kill me with sex; he does not get tired, even when I am fully pregnant he demands for sex,” she said.

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Jessica said she saw no reason to be making her husband happy by happily giving him sex when he was not buying food for her.

She said she needed energy to be able to sexually satisfy her husband but now that he was failing to provide food to energise her, he had no right to demand for sex.

Zulu said contrary to his wife’s assertions, he always provided for the family and that Jessica chased him from the bedroom, forcing him to spend nights on the couch.

Senior local court magistrate Lewis Mumba, sitting with Pauline Newa, reconciled the couple and ordered the man to start providing for the family and the woman to stop denying him sex.

Ms Kalenga said it was clear that her husband needed a younger woman who would give him all the weird sex styles because she was old and not strong enough to sustain the pressure.

The two got married in 1996 when the sexual abuse started and that he never used to provide for her and the five children they had.

Phiri further said that his wife did not respect him and insulted him in the presence of his friends.

“I am tired of doing all the household chores for my wife, I financially provide for her and when I go home instead of resting I start doing cooking for her,” he said.

However, Jessie said at one time she wanted to have sex with him but decided not to because she knew that he was shaved by another woman.

“I tried to touch my husband with the hope that he would respond but he woke up and decided to go and have sex with his girlfriend,” she said.

He said instead of resting after working the whole day, he used to do the household chores because he was not used to live in a dirty place.


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