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Publicity-shy Lindsay Lohan has taken her split with Samantha Ronson public, posting a spoof ‘singles’ video advert in a fresh ‘search for love’.

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The movie performed well at the box office, making more than $92 million globally., written by comedian Tina Fey, that turned Lohan into a bona fide star.

The movie received both popular and critical success; it became the 24th highest grossing movie of 2004 and earned Lohan a Teen's Choice Award and an MTV movie award for her performance.

in the meantime, Lohan also launched a music career.

Thanks to her growing fan base, her first album, As her celebrity status grew, so did Lohan's attendance at New York nightclubs.

After all her legal run-ins, Lohan was only charged with two counts each of driving under the influence, and a single count of reckless driving.

Tracie Rice, a woman who was a passenger in a car Lohan was accused of chasing on July 24, 2007, sued the star for assault and negligence.The sentence was then knocked down to one day in jail for doing 10 days of community service at a mortuary and in a hospital emergency room.That one day became 84 minutes because of overcrowding at the jail.Watch Lindsay’s love message below The ‘sassy’ redhead also harpoons talk that she’s an off-the-wall broke alcoholic in the minute and half long clip posted on the Funny Or Die website.Starting her ad she tells the camera: ‘Hi, my Name is Lindsay and I am searching for love.She was arrested again July 24 in Santa Monica after she allegedly engaged in a car chase with the mother of her former personal assistant.


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  2. Upon arrival, however, Eissa became the love of Jackson's life.

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