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I’ve been travelling around the world a lot, and a lot of the comments i heard are true.Expat looks for sex, or some for a serious relationship, girls want the better life and and consider expats as atm machines.At the end of the day, confidence is the only real thing a women wants in a man.


The pada awalnya dirancang di tahun 90-an tapi prototipe pertama diciptakan selama tahun 2001, meskipun dirancang beberapa waktu lalu tetapi telah menghilangkan semua pesaingnya karena keunggulannya serta lethalness nya.

Muncul di nomor 10 di Top kami 10 Senjata mematikan di Dunia.

AS50 Sniper Rifle datang di nomor 8 pada Top kami 10 Senjata mematikan di Dunia.

Diproduksi oleh organisasi FN Herstal Belgia, senjata ini pertama kali ditampilkan selama dipamerkan di Abu Dhabi pada 2001.

It is kind of like taking a test after you have already read the answer sheet.

All men will be able to have the confidence needed to approach women.

That is why no matter how you try to get back with your even when the two of you are close together?

If such signs were rampant in your relationship with your ex, then it was not a right relationship.

The woman may think she's feeling "love at first sight," but the truth is that is just what happens when a master seducer sets his sights..

Sometimes, the reason why the two of you broke up is because this relationship was never right from the start, due to the lack of chemistry between the two of you.

Termasuk ke kenyataan bahwa hal itu dapat diambil terpisah dalam 200 detik tanpa jenis bantuan alat.

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