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However, Portage uses many other locations for various purposes: build directory, source code storage, Gentoo repository location, ...

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This means that if someone makes a mistake when updating a config file, the administrator can revert the file to the previous version at any time.

When using can be used to exit the application as well.

For more information, check out the dispatch-conf man page. Note however that this may lead to dependency issues since new, allowed packages might depend on new but excluded packages.

It describes how to interactively merge current and new config files, edit new config files, examine differences between files, and more. It is possible to ask Portage to use ebuilds that are not officially available through the Gentoo repository.

We've already encountered the although one can create their own profiles elsewhere and point to them.

The profile this symlink points to is the profile to which the system adheres.

To use more recent software, users can consider using the testing branch instead.

To have Portage use the testing branch, add a ~ in front of the architecture.

To achieve this, add the package category and name in = operators.

In any case, if version information is added, an operator must be used.

A profile contains architecture-specific information for Portage, such as a list of packages that belong to the system corresponding with that profile, a list of packages that don't work (or are masked-out) for that profile, etc.


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