Gillette safety razor dating

Since badger hair is naturally stiff and durable, it actually lifts the stubble and exfoliates as you apply your cream.

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Here is what you need: RELATED: Jon Hamm on What He'll Miss About Shaving cream is surprisingly important in a good shave.

It lubricates the cutting process, making for a much smoother and closer shave.

The Original Pomade is most like the Don Draper slick-back, but the Medium Blend and Matte Dressing are also good options depending on the level of hold you want in your hair.

For the Don Draper effect, dip your finger in and place a small ball of the pomade into your hand about as wide as a nickel and rub your hands together.

Slick back the hair on the sides above your ears, and then follow your part across the top of your head (a few strokes to get everything in line), and then bring your bangs back and to the side opposite of your part.

Voila, you are on your way to pitching an emotional take on cereal advertising!

Then work it throughout the hair focusing on the bangs and where your hair parts.

After it's properly applied throughout your hair, it's all about the comb technique.

Now, before you point out how terrible of a person he is, I totally agree, but being Don Draper isn’t just symbolic of the alcoholism and infidelity.

More than anything, Don Draper is about confidence and swagger.

The Ocean Kelp scent is breezy and beach-y, kind of like Don in California.

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