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Jenner was pressed about the topic in nearly every interview.At first, she denied the rumors and insisted her lips looked plumper because of makeup.

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In person, Jenner looks much shorter, but just as alluring.

She’s just finished lunch with Tyga and is wearing a white skintight dress, silver metallic booties, and a silver satin bomber jacket.

“I still try to do everything that I really want to, like go to the mall,” she says in her gentle voice. She’ll do what she wants to do no matter what.” But Jenner only shows small glimpses of “Kylie” to the public. In a episode this past June titled “Fake It ’Til You Make It,” Kylie, Kendall, and Khloé disguise themselves with prosthetics in order to experience a “regular” day as “regular” people.

“But once I get there it’s not a fun experience anymore.” Jenner has built her fame on sharing her life on Instagram and Snapchat, but she’s also careful to keep big parts of it secret. They take a Hollywood celebrity tour but their cover is blown by paparazzi.

Her romantic relationships are fodder for tabloids. I’ve been famous for what feels like my whole life.

I just want to know what it feels like not to be.” Spending time with Jenner, it’s clear that sometimes she’d just like to be a normal teenager. The day before the photo shoot, I meet Jenner at Chateau Marmont, the legendary Sunset Boulevard hotel that has housed some of Hollywood’s wildest parties and trysts.

“When people bully you about what you want to do, or for being silly and funny, it makes you not want to be silly and funny anymore.

I started to lose a lot of myself, pieces about myself that I liked the most.” In 2014, Jenner faced one of her most acute controversies when rumors began circulating that she had received lip injections.

Kylie also created a self-titled paid app, which offers her fans exclusive access into her life via videos, behinds-the-scenes pics, and more; it’s one of the 10 top-grossing entertainment apps in the U. Jenner is aware that fame has afforded her opportunities that most teenagers can only dream of.

“It’s definitely easier for me than for most people,” she says.

Since then, she has become a magnet for tabloids and paparazzi, as well as teens and millennials who want to be just like her.


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