Harrington method pipestem dating

Bath was a fairly new town when the building was constructed in the 1720s, and the community would have wanted to encourage immigration and one of the best ways to do that was to show that the town had the money to burn on bricks.

My second, and completely ludicrous idea, goes along with the story that Blackbeard’s men came and settled in Bath after his beheading in 1718 and brought all their money and loot with them.

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By 1800 this diameter had decreased to 4/64 of an inch.

This change in diameter may have occurred because pipe stems became longer through time, requiring a smaller bore.

Why not make a generic post-in ground or sill set building?

My initial thoughts on this are that because it is right on Front Street, right in front of the first port in North Carolina and that most of the visitors to Bath were merchants, this was a way of advertising to the rest of the world that Bath was a cool place to live.

He calculated out the expected date at which the bore diameter would reach zero, 1931.85, and the interval between the means of the Harrington time periods, 38.26.

With these numbers, one would plug in X, the mean diameter for the sample being used, to calculate Y, the date trying to be determined, or the mean of the data sample.

Our artifact density has started to pick up within the cellar, especially tobacco pipe stems and bowls.

This is particularly interesting to me, because my thesis is on pipe stem dating methods, and I’m hoping to include this site in my data.

Robert, a field school and graduate student, is doing his thesis on geospatial technologies and their usefulness to archaeology.

One of the sites that he is using is the Palmer-Marsh cemetery, and he was out there most of the week setting up a grid and making a map, getting ready for his data collecting.

The wood would have most likely been used to prevent slipping on wet brick.


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