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It initially felt like a cut on my vagina that itched and burned. I take the medicine as needed and it works like a charm. Stayed overnight with IVF and antibiotics and checked, monitored and ultrasound before discharged the following day. I don't know how it feels to have genital herpes but I can tell you having it on my cheeks burns like crazy. I never saw an outbreak on him, so I thought he was paranoid. So far the burning is persistent and the itchiness is driving me insane. ""Can anybody tell me how to deal with a red, swollen eye with blurred vision 5 days after stopping using Zovirax eye ointment.

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I've been living with them for about 6 years and when they came out with sitavig, that's really good.

I only breakout about every 2 years, when stressed or if it's really hot.""I am 19 years old and I just got diagnosed this 2 days ago.

Learn more about Acyclovir."I’ve been having cold sores since I was 12 on my lips and face. My doctor prescribed me this when he realized how serious it was.

I was getting them sometimes one right after the other one!

Abreva only works if u use it at the 1st sign of a cold sore, once the sores there it will not work n that's a big waist of money""Ive been diagnosed with this about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago ..boyfriend gave it to me i found out when he had a breakout...night before we had sex so we both went to the er to find out whats wrong .... Then I took 6,000 mg of Lysine, that did not help at all. I felt that white vinegar helped a bit and cornstarch was soothing.

I have not had a break out was on the 5 pill a day thing but my body couldnt handle it so the doctor put me on the pill i time a day ...whats going on but now I cant pee ive been trying to pee for 14 hours..feels like I have to go then when I sit on the toilet nothing but a few drops come out""I was diagnosed with HSV-2 five years ago. I was not in a sexual relationship but this week I had sex after my menstrual cycle. I took 2 Epsom salt baths a day and that was soothing also.

I noticed a few more cuts that look like canker sores so I made an appointment right away. This is nothing in comparison to a cold sore that lasted a month without the meds though! Free with my healthcare for the pills, the cream was .""I got oral herpes on my face when I was in the orange in russia. Within three days, maybe even two, they completely shrank and i could barely see them. Few days ago 3 bumps appeared and I got another RX. Maybe some gastrointestinal discomfort as a side effect but that might have been to my crappy diet the last few days too :)""Unfortunately my ex-boyfriend intentionally & knowingly gave me Herpes. I go as long as I can bare it n sometimes it goes away on its own quickly but wen It doesn't I take one of my sisters acyclovir's a day n 9times outa 10 it goes away within a few days. U cant just take vitamins wen u need em u gota take em daily so wen u get sick or watever they've already built up in ur system.

The first breakout was horrible, I had to go to the Emergency room. I skipped a few days last week n i already got 2cold sores. Very very painful, it was hard to walk, sit sleep, go to the bathroom. First I tried tea tree oil, that was too harsh down there.

I’m supposed to take one gram a day, but I found that when I did that I still got them frequently.

So I only take it when I feel a tingle , I take about 4 and it never comes out. ""I'm 48 and I was diagnosed with genital herpes when I was 35.

Mood swings aren't in the side effects but they should be, as countless other people on similar forums have experienced the same.""I have breakouts on my nose, I used to dance and thought it would be cute to bend down, while on stage and brush there nose with mine.


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