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This suggests that the sexual organization of society determines its social organization and division of labor, according to its adapted reproductive strategy, selected in the evolution of sex.

The transgender movement is only one symptom of a generational trend of testosterone decline that results in the fall of gender differentiation.

In my recent book, The Testosterone Hypothesis, I suggest that human cultures go through life-cycles that are controlled and regulated by growth hormones, primarily testosterone.

Moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt terms this as “morality binds and blinds,” binding us together into social groups and blinding us from appreciating the moral values that guide the opposite side.

Both on the right and the left, we tend to think of ourselves as rational and moral beings, motivated by extensive ideological systems that are deeply rooted in our common shared valued, history and philosophical traditions.

In regard to how testosterone shapes our brain, professor of developmental psychopathology at the University of Cambridge, Simon Barron-Cohen, has formulated the empathizing–systemizing (E–S) theory, classifying people along two opposing dimensions: empathizing (E) and systemizing (S).

According to Barron-Cohen, this theory is a better predictor of who chooses Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects than gender alone is.Yik Yak – This app is fairly new and already being blocked by schools.It allows posters up to submit up to 200 characters which can be view by their closest 500 “Yakkers,” determined by GPS tracking.Men also have the masculine characteristics, designed to protect and provide for their wives and children.Humans possess reproductive independence to give birth to their offspring with no need for a “queen.”Moreover, humans benefit from a greater level of Darwinian fitness when seeking their own self-interest, taking care of their families and cooperating peacefully with other members of their society for mutual benefit—particularly under the capitalist system that promotes individual rights.Many theorists have argued that this era represents the beginning of left-hemispheric dominance, inner thoughts, ego explosion, masculine aggression, otherworldliness, a linear temporal perspective, and a technological mindset.


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