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reality series “The Girls Next Door,” says she convinced herself that she had found true love with the man old enough to be her great-grandfather.

Vicky was also a ringleader when the other girls turned against Madison, stealing her clothes and manufacturing complaints that gave Hefner an excuse to reprimand her.

But one night, she writes, Vicky invited Madison into her room to regale her with stories of Playmates who made “thousands of dollars” a night.

In the book, on sale this Tuesday, Madison flirts with a more shocking accusation.

When an interviewer suggested that Kendra Wilkinson was “growing up” at the mansion, Madison at first shot down the innuendo that Hefner was “a pedophile.” She’s since reconsidered.

Madison now thinks he was merely stringing her along to keep her from walking out.

“Hef had submitted semen samples to a fertility doctor only to find what the doctor had predicted all along — that nothing from this 70-something-year-old man was viable,” she writes.

“I think the ‘growing up’ question struck a nerve even deeper than I cared to admit,” she wrote.

“Frankly speaking, I’ve always been pretty uncomfortable with Hef’s fascination with extremely young women.

Madison claims most kept boyfriends on the side — one was said to be dating Kid Rock — in direct violation of mansion rules.

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