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The researchers suggested depressed women might seek out sex as a way of dealing with their condition, or might be perpetuating a negative cycle by “unconsciously engaging in sex in doomed relationships.” But they also hypothesized that societal double-standards might play a role in depression.“Guilt, regret, and the violation of societal expectations may contribute to female psychological distress,” they wrote.

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“We found that women, rather than struggling to get into relationships, had to work to avoid them,” the researchers wrote.

Some of the women also said they would have had more casual encounters if they weren’t worried about being viewed as “sluts.” The piece notes that 48 percent of women who’ve been involved in a hookup say they’re interested in a relationship, compared with 36 percent of men.

A lot of the media panic over hookups centers on the notion that it hurts young women. Harper of the University of Tennessee surveyed studied 382 students at a conservative-leaning US college and found 52 percent of the men had engaged in casual sex, compared with 36 percent of the women.

The typical argument is that women want relationships but settle for casual sex because that’s what the culture has to offer. Research suggests the answer is a resounding “sort of.” In 2006 paper, Catherine M. The survey also found women suffering from depression were more likely to have casual sex, and to regret it afterwards, while depressed men were less likely to hook up.

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It’s that it masks some of the things that are really interesting, and sometimes worrying, about young adults’ notions of sex and gender roles. A recent paper by Martin Monto and Anna Carey of the University of Portland confirmed what scholars looking at sexual behavior on campus have known for a while—the notion of modern campuses as a non-stop sex-fueled party is massively overblown.

Looking at survey data from two groups of students, one that was in school from 1988 to 1996 and the other from 2004 to 2012, Monto and Carey found that the “hookup era” kids didn’t have more sex, or more partners, than the earlier group.

That’s partly because (heterosexual) hookup sex is more likely to center on male pleasure.

In a study that helped inform the ), Hamilton and Armstrong carried out an intensive ethnographic study of a women’s hall in a Midwestern university dorm.

However, there was a fairly small drop in the percentage with a regular sexual partner, with more respondents saying they’d had sex with a friend or a “casual date or pickup” instead.


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